10 More Minutes - Taking a Break

Hi. It's Joe.

I am taking a break from jazz piano practice. It was going OK, but I was distracted. So I thought I would clear my mind with a little bit of writing. You really should stop reading right now, if you even are. Because this post is going to be completely useless.

I am working on left hand comping a steady rhythm whilst playing melodies or running 8th note swing improv lines in my right hand. It takes a bit of focus and if my mind wanders, then I biff. All music is this way really. If you are not in the moment, then you are out of the moment. If your mind is elsewhere, then it is not attending to the music at hand.

I have my music lesson on Monday. I want to make a goodly bit of progress on my rather small and simple assignment. I have these improv exercises, and I am supposed to incorporate them into the actual songs I am working on. This is not so easy as you would think. Well, maybe you don't think it is easy, in which case you would be right.

Anyway, my feet are cold too, and when my feet are cold, I tend to be more distracted. So I think I will go put some warm socks on before I resume my piano practicing.

I am sad that Posterous is shutting down at the end of April. But I am glad that I was able to recover all of my media files before it does. I will get used to not having an autoposting blog hub. It's actually probably a good thing. If I write something like this post, which sucks, it won't be automatically posted, and that is probably a good thing for not alienating readers.


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Anonymous said...

Never useless, always interesting! :)