15 Minutes - No Matter What Bad Conscience Tells You to Do...Do the Opposite!

Hi. It's Joe.

I am at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that Wendy Staats invited me to her birthday party, which she is hosting here tonight. But that also coincides with a rock-n-roll show. Wendy likes this musician named Mark Mallman, and since she speaks highly of him, it seemed like a good opportunity to check him out. But then I found out the band Electric 6 is also playing tonight. I had never heard of them, but I checked them out on SPOTIFY and they are quite awesome. Very funky and techno and hard rocking all at once. Humorous lyrics and high energy songs.

I figured out that a good tempo for an upbeat rock song is 160 bpm. I composed one at that tempo the other night. It still needs lyrics, but it has good energy. I call it, "(And Now For) The Distortion Portion." It has, as you might guess, a portion with clean guitar and a portion with distorted guitar. I need to revisit it at some point.

So, I secured some decent balcony real estate at the High Noon, which is hard to come by. Since none of my peeps are here yet, I feel bad hogging a table and some unused chairs. I might get evicted if a ton of people come up here looking for seats. And frankly, I would deserve the eviction. I don't even know if my peeps want to sit in the balcony. I might be being a khak for no reason.

Well, if no one is here soon, I might have to abandon my prime real estate. It would not be fair to hog these seats for no reason.

Soon I will be able to post an evaluation of this show.


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