20 Minutes - A Damn Productive Day

Hi. It's Joe.

The only thing I didn't accomplish today that I wanted to accomplish today was piano practice. I just ran out of time. I could stay up past my school night bedtime to do it, but I am not going to. I like sleep. I am going to read a bit though. I have Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" going for fiction and a couple of Bart Ehrman books about Biblical history for non-fiction. There are some strangely overlapping themes in all these books about the inflated self importance of humanity. Anyway, that's a tangent for another day. I only have 10 minutes to write after all. I might write for 15 or 20 minutes though, because I am typing on my dumb smart phone and that's quite a lot slower than typing on my Apple wireless keyboard. Did you see what I did just there? I dropped a keyword that I can backlink to my prior post from yesterday about how my Apple wireless keyboard quit working on me, but then my friend, MG, helped me fix it.

Wow, I sure took the scenic route. So I woke up at 6:40 today, which was early enough to do a 30 minute exercise bike workout while watching an episode of Season 8 of "Weeds." Is 8 the final season? Because it feels like it, all happy ending and shit. I am not really digging it. It seems like they have all finally drunk the corporate Cool Aid they were fighting against in most of the other seasons.

Then I went to work where I cranked on some stuff, interspersed with soliciting for lead singers for two of my bands. The Led Zeppelin cover band, HAMMER OF THE GODS, wants a singer so the guitarist and I can focus on rocking our instruments. HIATVS wants a lead singer for much the same reason. We had a couple of good leads on female vocalists. I have also been pitching my idea for a punk rock band called PHALLUSY that will sing funny power punk songs about things to some of my fellow musicians. Turns out they are all a bunch of prudes who don't appreciate the awesomeness of punk rock. But that's OK. They are misguided and my raw creative genius will not be slowed by hacks. I gotta do what my spirit tells me to do, and it is telling me to do a punk rock band called PHALLUSY.

It's a clever name, don't you think. It suggests a LONG and HARD path. My plan for this band is to write 12 songs, record and produce them on a vinyl record (with an online download option), and then do a release show followed by a few promotional shows, but without selling out for profit or fame. F the peons.

I came home and made an awesome healthy dinner, packed a box to UPS ground to my sister's in Colorado, so I can ship it out there for my trip next week. Then I can travel light and avoid giving the hated airlines any more money than I have to. I would rather pay UPS more than give the airlines bogus baggage fees. Those khaks. But I also have a $5 off UPS ground shipping bonus from Belly. I also got my passport renewal stuff together so I can send that off tomorrow as well.

High yield.

The end.


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