20 Minutes - Random Vacation Thoughts

Hi. It's Joe.

I had a pretty good sleep last night, in contrast to the night before.

I am at my sister's in Colorado. I arrived in Denver yesterday morning, on about 2 hours of effective sleep the night before. MG's wife, Heather, gave me a ride to the airport on Wednesday morning, so I stayed over at their house on Tuesday night.

But Tuesday night is jazz night at the Mason Lounge in Madison, where MG is the house drummer. I attended jazz night so I could play a little bass with the jazz group. It was a jumpin' jazz night though, with a great crowd.

To tell you the truth, I don't even think the crowd was there for the jazz, nor did they appreciate the awesomeness before them. They were most likely there to socialize and drink the super high quality microbrews that Mason has on tap at all times, but were subconsciously drawn to the mellow grown-up atmosphere that the ambient low volume jazz brings to the little hole in the wall bar.

Anyway, because of the decent crowd, the jazz went on well past the usual midnight end time. So I didn't get to bed until a little bit after 2 AM and slept restlessly until MG's cats mewled me awake at 5:50 AM. My alarm was set for 6 AM anyway, so the premature feline intervention in my slumber was not such a bad thing. In fact, it gave me a few extra minutes to regain my senses and get ready for my trip.

When I got to Denver, my family (me, niece, nephew, sister, mom, and pops) all went to a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit in Denver. On display were many of Leonardo's mechanical inventions. He had a good grasp of gears and motion. His flying machines were failures only because they did not work in air, but would have been great in water. He designed a bicycle with a chain and a paddle boat, both of which theoretically worked.

After that, we went to an "authentic" Japanese restaurant called Doma and had a delightful meal. It was basically a noodle place, and they had these delicious buckwheat noodles in a miso soup base.

Driving back to Manitou Springs, where my sister actually lives, I dozed off in the car, but when we got to her house, I took a full fledged "authentic" power nap and was greatly rejuvenated. My niece and nephew woke me up to tell me it was dinner time. I contributed to a spinach salad with "authentic" sheep's milk cheese (similar to goat's milk, but a little more like cottage cheese), which we had picked up at CostCo on the way home.

I practiced a little jazz piano and then had a pretty solid night's sleep in my sister's guest room. I had a weird dream that I reconnected with a staunchly Christian ex-girlfriend and another dream that I was controlling the storm sewers of some ancient ruins.


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