5 Minutes - The Day My Wireless Bluetooth Apple Keyboard Cut Out

Hi. It's Joe.

I am typing on my Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

But it was touch and go there for a while. It stopped working. Batteries were fine. It just wouldn't respond by producing letters on my screen when I would press keys.

Now it is responding like normal.

I queried my Apple savvy friend MG about why it wasn't working, using my laptop keyboard as a substitute. He told me to re-pair my computer with the keyboard via the Bluetooth settings. I tried that, and it fixed it.

Weird that happened, though. The computer could clearly see the keyboard, it just wasn't responding to it.

If the re-pairing via Bluetooth had not worked, MG's next suggestion was to clean the battery connections, much like you would a car battery with connectivity issues. But the power light of the keyboard was ON, just blinking at me like it was trying to tell me something.

The only unusual thing that happened with this keyboard is that I took it on a trip to Oshkosh and accidentally had the power on whilst it was in my bag. I wonder if the keyboard inadvertently tried to pair up with the computer of the friend I was visiting.

If so, then my wireless Bluetooth keyboard is a slut.


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