10 Minutes - Bach "Prelude in C"

Hi. It's Joe.

I had to give myself a raise today. We had health screenings at work. I did pretty well, though I need to up my game on working out and eating healthy 80% of the time. I am going to work out tonight, before I go to bed, but after some piano practice. In fact, I have to get going on piano practice here pretty soon.

I am working on a new Bach piece called "Prelude in C." It's a bit tough compared to the Minuets, even though it is mainly arpeggios.

What is a prelude anyway? Or, I guess, what's a 'lude? Presumably a prelude comes before a 'lude.

Well, I am pretty much rambling. I am actually kind of tired tonight. We had to go to the boringest meeting ever today, part of the justification for giving myself a raise (they stole an hour from me), and it sucked my soul away like nobody's business. I have half a mind to get an early night and do my workout in the morning. But that's always a slippery slope. In the morning, perhaps I will find another excuse to put it off.

But no, I have actually been good. I did the bike trainer Monday and Tuesday this week. I was even planning on going on a social bike ride with MG tonight in Cottage Grove. But I am a fair weather biker and the weather has been awful the past two days, with no end in sight. I am told of more cold rain tomorrow and possibly even snow on Friday.

Winter! We are sick of you. I am going to have to ask you to F right off. You are about as useful as middle management at the company I work for.

That said, perhaps there is an option for a snow day on Friday. That'd be grand.

I am not going to let the core incompetencies of some of my coworkers get me down this week. I work to live and they are paying me phat money to tolerate their jive. So tolerate it I will. But that is not to say I won't give them hell.

Been listening to some vinyl on my new smelly record player (smells all plasticy and new, and even a little electronically weird...an ozone smell like something is heating up inside the thing...hope not! But it is under warranty...). I like the vinyl.


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