10 Minutes - The Feeling of Knowing You Are Considered Less Than Pond Scum by Management

Hi. It's Joe.

Today our boss told us some important stuff. It doesn't matter what he told us, specifically, except that it was kind of pertinent to us doing our jobs.

What really matters is that he also told us that middle management had told him not to tell us this important information. They wanted us to spin our wheels for nothing, which is what we would be doing without this knowledge we got today. So it was cool of our boss to defy the imbeciles in middle management and give it to us straight. It was not cool for middle management to want to sideline us like we are not important. That spells their doom.

I am not sure why management is always so diabolical, with the cloak and dagger routine. Employees much prefer to be given the straight dirt so they know what is happening right up front. When you try to deceive employees, they resent you and eventually hate you.

We are all supposed to be working for the same company, toward the same goals. That means we all kind of need the pertinent info that helps us do our jobs. If you are up to no good and need to hide information from your employees, that means you are not in good shape as a business.

Well, anyway, what does this week have in store?

I had my piano lesson tonight. It seemed to go well. My teacher went over almost a half an hour longer. I felt bad, but I really only wanted an hour lesson. Still, we covered a lot. I have a huge assignment for my lesson in a fortnight though.

Tomorrow is kind of a light day. I mean, I have to go do stuff at work, but it will be light. In the evening, I do not have much going on. I might head over to Tuesday night jazz for a little while at the Mason Lounge on Park Street in Madison. In fact, I am strongly leaning that way.

I told my friend Holly at work that I was not going to go to jazz until next week, because she was asking. But now I think I will tell her that I am going this week. Maybe next week too, but I do not want to overdo.

There is no HIATVS band practice this week on Wednesday, which bums me out a little. But that also means I will be able to work on piano a lot that night. I am hoping the weather allows me to get a bike commute in this week. But tomorrow won't be that day, because it is supposed to be rainy and cold.

I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I am going to a new doctor in Madison, because my doctor in Cambridge has been dropping the ball on some things. I want to say there is something after work on Thursday, but I cannot remember what it is. I am sure there will be the usual Thursday after work social at Capital Brewery. I think they should move that to Wednesday, because there are better happy hour specials on Wednesday.

But I do not really care. I cut way back on beer during the week anyway, on my new fitness kick.


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