10 Minutes - Friday Fright Night in Oshkosh (begosh)

Hi. It's Joe.

Last night I was fully in my element but in an alien environment. Tonight I will be a bit out of my element but in a very comfortable environment.

Last night I reunited with my old band MOBIUS STRIPTEASE to play a rock show at Coyote Ugly Saloon in Milwaukee WI. With only one rehearsal after a five year hiatus, we rocked the crap out of it and the people who came specifically to see us thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We blew their arses out.

Then there was the alien venue and the patrons who were not there to see us but rather to ogle and drool over the sexploited and scantily clad "service personnel," the bar dancing, body shot pushing female bartenders. Like strippers with clothes on, these women entertained by strutting their stuff to bad 80s hair metal while encouraging binge drinking.

Nothing particularly wrong with the albeit cliche entertainment, objectively speaking. But subjectively, it had many of the components I dislike in a venue and few positives. Actually, the bar staff was not unlike MOBIUS STRIPTEASE, actors and entertainers purveying a kind of sexy alter ego to please an audience. I would argue the main difference is that we purveyed more depth of  "personality" and they purveyed more cosmetic "sexuality." And rightly so. They were arguably physically attractive women and we are all pretty average looking but arguably amazingly talented musicians. They do what they do well and we do what we do well.

Unfortunately, there was a noticeable lack of synergy between our two art forms. This was unfortunate because there was great potential for synergy that could have benefitted both parties. I would lay the blame for this at the feet of the venue, but for the fact that they simply were not prepared for the high quality performance "product" we brought in comparison to their somewhat low quality one. I mean, we could not realistically expect them to magically up their game for one night only when they may never again encounter the level of quality we bring (a rarity in S.E. Wisconsin).

Had the skin flaunting purveyors of pulchritude turned their attention to the band when we started playing, we could have facilitated their ultimate goal of booze sales and they could have turned the attention of their lust addled patrons toward our great band. I feel like we were open to this possibility and tried to encourage it, but that they preferred to maintain a territorial neutrality with respect to us. To that extent, the blame does lie with them in as much as it was a missed opportunity for mutual gain (recall the Prisoner's Dilemma exercise of game theory).

On the other hand, MOBIUS STRIPTEASE is an intimidating rock-n-roll force and no one would hold it against them for running away in fear.


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