10 Minutes - Friday Fright Night in Oshkosh (begosh): Part 2

Hi. It's Joe.

I realize that my last post, in keeping to my 10 minute time limitation for writing, never completed the reference to the titular "Friday Fright Night" reference.

There is an old time community theater in Oshkosh called the Time Theater. It is run by some kids and they do a decent job. On Fridays in the spring, summer, and fall, they show campy horror movies every Friday night, called Friday Fright Night. Sometimes I can go to them and last night was one of those times. It was also the premiere night of the 2013 FFN, so that was cool.

Recall that MOBIUS STRIPTEASE played that weird rock show on Thursday night in Milwaukee. I wisely took a day off from work on Friday, in part to sleep in and recuperate from the late night, but also to run some errands before heading up to Oshkosh for the movie and festivities. As fate would have it, Todd and Sherry were not able to come to the premiere FFN movie at the Theater, but they hooked me up with their friend Pam and her daughter Ashley who were also going to the flick. I had met Pam before, but only briefly. She was nice and so was Ashley. I made two new friends and might have scored a gig for one or more of my bands, since Ashley does booking for the Masonic Lodge in Oshkosh. But whether that happens, I don't really care.

After the film we all re-grouped at the Reptile Palace in Oshkosh. This is a divy little bar that always has great punk rock and metal bands. Madison band DROIDS ATTACK was playing. I had never seen them before so it was cool to learn what all the hype was about. I am still not entirely sure. I mean, they are a great tight band and the music was good, but it wasn't particularly unique to the punk/metal genre. Darwin, who owns the Frequency rock club in Madison WI and also plays in another band called ORPHAN BLOOM, is now playing bass for DROIDS ATTACK. That is a new development within the last 3 to 4 months, I found out.

Anyway, when I am in Oshkosh, I am not really in my element, but it is a very nice and fun environment. So when I said in my prior post that I was in my element at the rock show on Thursday, even though the venue was alien to me, Oshkosh is the opposite. I am not usually in my rock-n-roll alter ego in Oshkosh, so to that extent, I am out of my element. But the environment of Oshkosh is very inviting and comfortable. There is tons to do and all the people are pretty nice. Weird things do happen though, usually when college kids and alcohol don't mix. But that always provides for some good entertainment.


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