10 Minutes - Mission Accompli and a Review of "Aeon Flux"

Hi. It's Joe.

With my 90 minute workout earlier today, I accomplished my goal of hitting five 45-minute workouts this week (my week runs Monday through Sunday). It was touch and go though. My cruiser bike is the one I use on the trainer (still much too cold to venture outdoors on the bike...I am a fair weather biker) and it got another flat tire. There is something weird going on there. I patched the tube but it was only a matter of minutes before it went flat again. I will have to change out the tube and tire in the next few days, at least before I start bike commuting. In any case, I had a backup plan. I switched out bikes, putting my road bike on the trainer instead. I don't like training on the road bike, because the lower riding posture is uncomfortable. But I did it anyway. I was not going to let a flat deter my workout.

During this workout, I watched the film "Aeon Flux" on Netflix. Skip it. It's not very good. I am pretty sure the film was made to show off Charlize Theron's aesthetics. The plot made hardly any sense. It was based on an MTV show, so that should have been a telltale sign of mediocrity. But I decided to give it a shot and it was tolerable for a workout distraction.

I think my dog Foster was sleep walking last night. Either that or he had a seizure. I heard him whimpering and when I got up, he was stumbling around awkwardly. Then he suddenly fell over and started kicking his legs in the air. When I went over to him, he snapped out of it and was totally normal, like nothing had happened. It was very bizarre. Can dogs sleep walk? I am going to have to ask the vet about that on Wednesday, when I take Foster in to get his fingernails cut as far back as possible. He has crazy long nails. At first, when he was whimpering, I thought he had broken another nail, as sometimes happens. But when that happens he usually limps around because of the pain. In this case, there did not seem to be any after effects or limping.

It was a laid back weekend. I had GUPPY EFFECT v1.0 practice on Saturday with Stefan and Peter. We are learning three new songs, but I would not say they are polished yet. Nobody really gave them much of a listen ahead of time, so the takes were pretty rough. I did record them. I wish there was a way to insert audio into these blog posts. But it looks like video is the only option. That's what Demitri Martin would call "uncool."


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