10 Minutes - Piano

Hi. It's Joe.

I practiced a lot of piano the last couple of weeks but I don't feel like I have achieved much and it is discouraging. Maybe I should take a break from lessons for a while and combe back to it later. I like that my teacher pushes me, but I almost never practice what he tells me to, because something is missing. I am lacking some skill that he must assume I have that prevents me from getting better. I think that something is a basic dexterity with the keyboard. Maybe I need to work on some classical pieces and get the dexterity skills before I try jazz.

Right now I am on a break from work. I just got some Salad Creations for lunch and I am feeling pretty healthy. Now I am chilling at the Barriques coffee shoppe on Old Sauk in Madison, with some dark roast. I needed to get away from the workplace for a spell because some coworkers were engaged in ceaseless banter about banal, non-work related topics. I swear if they actually worked as much as they gabbed, a lot of stuff would get done around here.

I had a fun weekend up in Oshkosh (begosh). As you know, if you have been following along, I cruised up there on Friday afternoon to hit Friday Fright Night at the Time Theater. Before that though, I met armona for coffee at noon on the west side of Milwaukee. I took Friday off to recover from the MOBIUS STRIPTEASE reunion gig and that was wise. This week should be light. HIATVS' guitar player is away for business, so I have no band practice on a school night this week. However, I do have GUPPY EFFECT v1.0 practice on Saturday and quite possibly GUPPY EFFECT v2.0 practice on Sunday. I want to focus the latter incarnation of the brand on original music and recording, because I am not feeling the live vibe with them. Recording will help us hone our sound and hopefully we can use a click track to keep the tempo in line, a big issue with that incarnation. We can play some live shows once we develop a solid performance.


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