10 Minutes - Slower

Hi. It's Joe.

The down side of my new Galaxy S3 phone is the lack of a real keyboard. These touch screen keyboards are alien to me. There is no satisfying tactile sensation. This Swype thing though is cool if you are not on the go. It corrects your typing so you can be a little sloppy and don't have to hit every letter or even the space bar. But Swype is not faster than real typing I don't think. Maybe once you got used to it. For one thing, it is error prone, notwithstanding the auto correction. You have to be vigilant whilst swyping. You be the judge. How error prone has this post been so far?

Anyway, I am in Lake Mills at the Waterhouse Cafe. My dryer took a digger for what I decided was the last time. I am not going to pay any more repair bills. Time to upgrade. Sadly, dryers tend to expire when there is a load of wet clothes in them. So I took said clothes to the laundromat in Lake Mills and they are being industrially dried as I drink coffee, eat a bagel sandwich, and compose this post.

I am pretty much done composing this post though.


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