10 Minutes - "Why Didn't We Listen to Joe?" Asked Everyone

Hi. It’s Joe.

Today at work, the question floating through almost everyone’s head is, “Why didn’t we listen to Joe?

I actually kind of surprised myself a little bit by how gosh darn right I was in predicting the failures of middle management.

When I raised red flags on a few occasions, I was slapped right down. Part of the slapping down was blind (albeit wrong) optimism of management, which never likes bad news, even when it comes from experts. Part of it was just slapping down a lowly employee who was too uppity and outspoken for his own good.

I don’t especially like pure, unadulterated vindication. But this is 99.6% pure. That’s about as pure as Mr. White’s blue meth. The truth hurts and it is hurting a lot of people today. Some of those people I don’t care about. They deserve the pain of utter incompetence. But some people I work with are actually marginally alright at their jobs and as people. I empathize with them a bit. Still, they were not wise enough to listen to the experts. They thought they knew better than Joe.

And frankly, I can’t say that I was always confident I was right. I was 100% sure about some things, but not all things. As it turned out, I was just by random chance 100% right about 100% of things. That is rare. I know I am not perfect. I know I can sometimes be ideological and dogmatic, though I try not to be. But what I never do is swallow the corporate Kool-Aid just to go along with the happy middle managers and their optimistic view of reality.

Now there will be some pain. They will regroup and be secretly glad they have Joe around, even though whatever cockamamie scheme they dream up next will probably stink equally as much, and they will probably again totally ignore Joe’s words of caution, in the interests of not rocking the boat. It’s kind of sad.

Just save yourselves a lot of time, people. Put me in charge of what I do best.


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