10 Minutes - Why I Like Vinyl Records

Hi. It's Joe.

I am listening to the Jimi Hendrix album "Are You Experienced?" on vinyl.

I picked it up a couple of years ago, then subsequently gave away my cheap turntable to a friend's kids so they could enjoy vinyl. I am just that kind of a guy.

When I went up to Oshkosh last weekend for Friday Fright Night at the Time Theater, I picked up a slick new (albeit still pretty cheap) turntable at the Exclusive company.

I remain a skeptic that vinyl really does sound better than digital audio, objectively speaking. But subjectively speaking, I definitely think it does. It may not be possible to show this with science, just as it is not possible to show the subjective existence of God with science, but in my mind vinyl sounds better, more real, less sterile.

Even if this is totally in my mind, for me it is real, just like seeing the Virgin Mary in a piece of buttered toast is real to some people.

But this is not why I like vinyl. I like playing vinyl records because there is a zen discipline quality to it. Unlike a CD, you have to flip a vinyl record half way through to listen to the whole thing.

That means vinyl forces you (if you too like vinyl) to participate in the listening experience. You are to some small but significant degree INVESTED. That makes the vinyl listening experience more human, more participatory.

As a result, I think this is why listening to vinyl is a more satisfying or at least fulfilling listening experience, entirely subjective, but still very real.

Like the placebo effect.


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