15 Minutes - My Week in Review

Hi. It's Joe.

Sometimes it is a good exercise to reflect on a good week and reminisce the highlights. The thumbnail on the right is one of the highlights. I picked up Iron Maiden's album "Powerslave" on vinyl.

This has always been one of my favorite Maiden albums and it would be awesome to cover the title track, "Powerslave," in a band, such as HIATVS.

You will recall a recent post where I explained that I picked up a low end inexpensive vinyl record player. It has been getting some good use. In fact, I am listening to it now, specifically "Brain Salad Surgery" by E.L.P. I have a milk crate of vinyl records that I got as a graduate student in Iowa in the mid-90s. Many of these records belong to an ex-roommate, but he has never asked for them back, so I consider them my "foster" records. I would return them if asked. But for now, I am going through and listening to them all.

Last night there was a social at the Essen Haus in Madison WI that involved some passing of "boots" and some shuffle board. I was the DD, so I did not indulge in the fine diversity of the German ales available, but I did have a couple of sips from the boots as they floated by.

I had sushi for lunch on Friday, with my buddy Stephen. It was great, though the service was slow. But it was worth the wait.

I did not have HIATVS band practice this week because Brian (guitar) was out of town on business. Siberia is about as out of town as you can get, and that is where he went.

I practiced a ton of piano this week and one of the reasons I scored that Maiden album was because after my piano lesson on Monday, my teacher recommended some good piano learning books via AMAZON. I decided to tack a few extra things onto the order that I have been meaning to get, and thus take advantage of the free shipping from Amazon.

One of the books was piano exercises composed by Oscar Peterson, the jazz pianist I idolize and who influenced me to pursue jazz piano in the first place.

Anyway, it was a laid back week. This morning I applied for some new technical writer jobs and now I am going to go learn some songs for band practice with GUPPY EFFECT v1.0 at 3 PM.


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