20 Minutes - I Am Getting an Oil Change

Hi. It's Joe.

I am taking the time to write a blog post while my car is in the adept hands of my local mechanic, Terry. I am getting an oil change. I am not sure Terry is even the one doing the oil change; it may be one of his henchmen. But I am glad he is at least overseeing the work.

In any case, I had a good day at work today. I was able to blow the entire morning on work-related things, thus avoiding actual work. It was not my intention to avoid actual work and indeed, the work related items had to get done one way or another. But it was nice to be away from the banal and idiotic chatter that usually pollutes the area where I work. Usually, I have to wear headphones and listen to punk rock music to block out the lost time conversational incidents, although that can only block out sounds, not smells, and believe me there are some weird smells ranging from rotten milk to booze breath.

There are 2 buildings owned by my employer, across the street from one another. For whatever reason, one of these buildings houses buffoons and the other houses competent, intelligent, hard working people. Obviously, I do not gravitate toward the buffoon house, even though my desk is, painfully, situated there due to a recent downsizing and consolidation of real estate (they used to have 3 buildings). My work related tasks this morning took me to the more academic of the two buildings, and that was refreshing.

First, I stopped by HR and talked to my favorite HR rep about how to get a health and wellness reimbursement for joining a CSA farm. I got the info and should see a $100 rebate some time in early July. I also had a really good chat with my favorite HR rep. She told me we should start our own business doing health and wellness motivational seminars for other organizations, since we are both well informed about health and wellness. I concurred.

Then I went and had a chat with my favorite manager. There are not many competent managers where I work, but this guy is one...possibly the only one. We strategized about a project we are both involved in for improving documentation. Issues resolved, I headed back to my building a little before noon. There I found my favorite work peep doing her nails in the lunch room and I convinced her to tag along with me when I went to lunch. This was helped along by the fact that she was getting harassed by some of the buffoons referenced above and she needed some respite from them.

So we went to Roman Candle and I ate some salad while she finished her nail care using some kind of weird UV lamp that hardens some kind of nail polish finisher she had applied. Reluctantly, we returned to work. I finished some work I had to do and then prepared the documentation for my CSA reimbursement that came through on the e-mail from our healthcare provider.

Since all my work was either done or waiting for stuff in other peoples' courts, I felt a reward for my productivity was in order and I gave myself a raise, as did my nail polish flaunting coworker. When you are awesome, you are qualified to give yourself a raise. Don Draper is awesome at advertising and he gives himself raises all the time. That's my rationale.


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