20 Minutes - Let the Games Begin

Hi. It's Joe.

I just got back to Madison after a good vacation out in Colorado. Manitou Springs CO, to be precise. That is where my sister lives.

I kind of have to hit the ground running now that I am back, and the pace of life picks back up a little. It is a little after 3 PM on Tuesday 4/2 and yet today I have to vote, buy some groceries (the cupboard is bare), eat, practice some bass (for Thursday's MOBIUS STRIPTEASE gig in Milwaukee), and then hit Tuesday jazz night at Mason Lounge for a little while. I don't plan to be there too late and if I had to, I could skip bass practice, since I will have another opportunity to do that tomorrow. But it would be nice to hit the songs twice before the gig.

In a worst case scenario, I could skip jazz night too. But it is a fun assed time and in as much as I will someday be the substitute bassist for jazz night (among others), I should try to keep my skills honed.

Of course, I have work tomorrow, but I don't really care about that. My job is cut and dry, the hours predetermined. What matters is fitting in all the extracurriculars around work. Wednesday evening is pretty free, save for a brief musical diversion from 5 to 6 PM. Thursday night is the gig and I need to work out with MG the logistics of when we are going to try to get there. I have half a mind to do two half days of vacation, one on Wednesday morning, so I can sleep in post jazz night and also practice more bass, and one on Friday, so I can sleep in after the Milwaukee gig. Then again, vacation time is precious. I should just go to work tired in order to save it up for my next trip.

I like travel. Colorado was very laid back. I did not do anything too crazy. We did a couple of hikes and took my niece and nephew for a bike ride. We ate some decent food and I did the Swedish style outdoor sauna up at my sister's BF's mountain cabin. Breathtaking. If I had a mountain cabin, I would be up there all the time. I'd probably go off the grid and just focus on writing and music. We had awesome Mexican food up in Woodland Park, where the mountain cabin is. We saw the residue of the Waldo Canyon Fire from last summer. My nephew Ty and I got old school barbershop shaves and haircuts. I taught both my niece and nephew about the mock pro wrestling move called Flying Butt Pliers, which will probably get them in trouble at school.

The last time I was out there, I taught them a clever knock knock joke:

Knock knock.

Who's there?

A pile up.

I'll let you ride that one out, dear reader.

A while back, I taught them to say, "Building number 7 was an inside job," which they inappropriately yelled to me while saying goodbye at airport security. Totally my bad there.

I also played a lot of piano at my sister's. I still suck. Maybe I am too old for piano.


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