5 Minutes - Idle Hands...

Hi. It's Joe.

While I run wild goose chases hunting down document files that do not exist anywhere at work, I decided a good use of the waiting time (while Windows 7 searches the entire ClearCase directory for the files it will never find) would be to write a blog post.

The timing could not be better either. It takes me more or less 10 minutes to write a post and in more or less 10 minutes I am going to get up from my desk chair, pick up my gym bag, walk over to the other building, change into my bike shorts and gear, and ride the @#$% away from this mediocre weak sauce institution that pays me exorbitant amounts of money to hunt down non-existent files.

I should not be too harsh. Sometimes the files do exist. I would say about 50% of the time a file with the right filename is found. Then it is usually at a revision level that far outstrips the outdated document request against it, making the request obsolete or more often than not generating a new wild goose chase to determine if the outdated request is obsolete or not.

Hey, let the cash roll in. If my job is searching for files all afternoon, by managerial directive, so be it. But there could be better uses of my time.

So, I heard there is a law now that prosecutes animal rights people if they document abuses at slaughterhouses. That's totally bogus. I think we need to go Monkey Wrench Gang on any and all corruption in Corporate America. They are khaks.

That was only about 5 minutes of writing. I am going to update the title of this post accordingly and goof off for a while longer as my computer spins its gear hunting down phantom files.


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