Hells Angels and Sons of Anarchy

I wrote a post entitled Hells Angels News on my other blog. I have been watching a fictional show about a motorcycle club called “Sons of Anarchy.” The premise is scarcely believable, but the drama and characters are pretty good.

It inspired me to do a little bit of research about motorcycle clubs in general, and Hells Angels News was a good keyword term.

Season 3 of “Sons of Anarchy” is not as thrilling as I had hoped. Seasons 1 and 2 were much better. My drummer buddy Will says Season 4 is decent, but I am not there yet.

HIATVS band practice last night was pretty decent. The lads have clearly done a modicum of practicing on their own time. Most of the songs were tighter. There is still a lot of backstrokin’ to be tightened up, but it’s getting closer. HIATVS is more about theatrical presentation than it is about virtuosity of musicianship. Still, it would be nice if the musicianship were second nature so we could focus more energy on theatrics. I can’t complain too much though. At least the band rehearses together regularly.

I feel pretty good today. Yesterday, I was in the post recovery stages of mild food poisoning. My stomach had stopped hurting, but I still had achy joints and very sensitive skin, almost flu-like symptoms, but without the head cold component.

I don’t think I will be dining at Swagat Indian Cuisine ever again. “Sir, may I interest you in a smattering of poo with your meal?” I should tell my buddy Stefan to have his health department colleagues descend on Swagat like a ton of bricks. But whatever. I was there with about 8 other people, and none of them got sick. So I just lost the dysentery roulette I guess.

It is a light day at work today. I am probably going to largely goof off, though I will get all my work done.

Yesterday we had a meeting and upper management just infuriated me with their buffoonery. I held my tongue, but sometimes I want to just say, “Good sirs, if you have no idea what you are talking about, please shut up and let the experts do their jobs!”


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