Bike Commuting Roulette

So far I have been quite lucky in playing BIKE COMMUTING ROULETTE with the weather.

Yesterday I bike commuted, even with the threat of storms, and avoided getting rained on. The weather actually cleared up pretty nicely in the afternoon yesterday for the return trip.

Last week, I timed my bike commute (with the help of weather.com) to avoid a big fat storm that rolled in just as I rolled up to one of the buildings at work. I had only seconds to spare, but I was totally safe and dry. The whole ride in it was overcast and there was distant thunder. I totally could have been inundated and deluged at any time.

I was going to bike commute this morning, but wisely decided against it. During the time period I would have been biking, there was a torrential downpour in Madison, and more importantly…LIGHTNING. I hate lightning. It was super windy too. As I was driving in my Prius, the wind and rain was buffeting me pretty hard.

The plan is to bike commute tomorrow, with my buddy Mike. That might be the commute that undoes my stretch of good luck. But I will be ready, with plastic baggies for my phone and wallet, and plastic shopping bags for my clothes. I will also have the buddy system. Mike is a pretty savvy bike commuter and will probably have wise advice if we encounter anything overly stormy, like, “Hey, let’s go into that Copps grocery store and avoid this rain, wind, and lightning.” Sagely.


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