Eno Vino Was Not Bad

Check out my post "The Genetically Modified Food Pros - Monsanto," about more corporate irresponsibility from the GMO crop giant. What a bunch of douche nuggets. Looks like I will have to stop eating tofu (Monsanto monopolizes the soybean market too).

Remember in my post from yesterday, how I said I was going to Eno Vino with some friends? It was a good time. Good conversation. Good food. Relatively modest cost. My friend, Anth, had a coupon for a free flatbread, which saved us a good $20. I had some sort of duck dumpling that was slightly gamy, but quite good. I'd give the place high marks for atmosphere. It would be a good place to take a date. It's also good for large groups where you can distribute the exorbitantly overpriced fare amongst several people.

Eno Vino is not the kind of place to go if you are just looking for a belly full of food. It's tasteful - quality vs. quantity. Go there to taste and enjoy foods and wines, not to indulge. I actually did not drink any wine while I was there. I should have. I looked at the wine list and I saw a Pinot Noir from New Zealand that sounded intriguing. But I simply forgot to order it.

I am fighting a mild head cold by drinking lots of water and pounding vitamins and ibuprofen. I seem to be keeping it at bay for now. This follows on the heels of the stomach flu I had on Wednesday night. I think that pathogenic invasion knocked out my immune system, allowing this cold virus to sneak in. But now my immunity has recovered and together we are battling for dominion over my body.

I was going to hit the farmer's market this morning, but I didn't quite feel well enough. Plus, I have to drive to Madison tonight for a HIATVS band practice with Hammer. We have two drummers in HIATVS and he is one of them, the one that can never make the time to practice and doesn't really practice at home very much either. He's a good enough drummer that he doesn't have to, but he also never improves or pushes the envelope because he doesn't experiment.

It's neither here nor there, because HIATVS is just about the fun of rocking. It looks like the guitar player might move away from Wisconsin for another job. At least, that is definitely on the table. With that kind of commitment to the band, I don't have much mental investment in it. I learned a long time ago that investing in local bands is a waste of time. No one prioritizes rocking and this is a weakness of the music scene around here. It's ephemeral and short lived. The only band I have seen prioritize and commit to rocking in Madison is SUNSPOT. And it is shameful how little recognition they get, because they are awesome. But that is the problem. Local music fans in Wisconsin are not used to original music bands that give it their all. The only bands they know that stick around are generic cover bands. SUNSPOT invests so much time and energy and resources in their amazing brand of rock. If people only knew.

That said, SUNSPOT does have a core of dedicated fans that appreciate what they do. I have a lot of cognitive dissonance with that, myself, because I always want to support them whenever they perform, but often they do not perform in Madison, and even when they do, it's quite a drive from Cambridge. But when I do not have rock-n-roll commitments of my own, I make every effort to see SUNSPOT live when I can.


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