My Cardiovascular Fitness Quota

I almost chickened out and did not bike commute today (Friday), which also happens to be the summer solstice. But I took a gamble and bike commuted anyway. I had not ridden since Tuesday and so I was behind on achieving my cardiovsacular fitness quota of a minimum of three 45-minute aerobic workouts per week. Bike commuting is an easy way to hit the goal, combining my workout and commute. I even did the long route, knowing that it would take me past my buddy Mike's house, in case I needed emergency shelter from bad weather.

I lucked out. The skies were grey around me the whole ride and I heard faint rumblings of thunder a few times. However, because of the weather, the bike paths were uncluttered with bike traffic and I was able to crank out a decent 14.5 mph average pace over the 16.5 miles to work. It took about 70 minutes. It will probably take me a little longer going back, because I won't be in a rush (the sun is shining now and the risk of rain has greatly diminished since this morning).

I arrived at work this morning just moments before this...

...rolled in. That beast of a wall cloud unleashed a furious downpour, but I was safe within one of the buildings at work and very relieved. It was a close call and I really would have been within my rights to bail on bike commuting today. I make no bones that I am a fair weather biker, unlike these Madison hippies, who all, incidentally, whimped out, as evidenced by the apocalyptically empty bike paths. But anyway, I did it, and I hit my quota.

Since I did the long commute, I will technically achieve three 45-minute works today since 45 times 3 is 135 minutes and 70 times 2 is 140 minutes. So I will exceed three 45-minute workouts today by 5 minutes. However, it is generally my policy to only allow up to two 45-minute workouts in a 24 hour period, even if I exceed it considerably. This is to keep me honest. On Tuesday, I did the short commute, only 50 minutes each way, for two 45-minute workouts. So I easily achieved my third during the morning commute today, and since that is my quota, anything beyond that is gravy.

I plan to do a social bike ride with a group of people tomorrow, which will sadly be the first shortened day leading to the winter solstice six months from now. I hope I live somewhere tropical someday. Although if global warming continues unabated, WI will be tropical someday. So maybe I just wait it out.


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