Productive Morning

I needed a "mental health" day today, to get caught up on minor errands and relieve stress. I had a dermatology doctor's appointment this morning, and even though the appointment was right near work, I did not want to go today. My time could be much better spent on the multiple errands in my errand hopper.

Work load at my job is currently light and Monday is when my work team is forced to attend a most banal and useless meeting in the afternoon. I'd rather skip that and do USEFUL things today.

Right now I am at my local mechanic Terry's autoshop for an oil change that may parlay into a set of new tires. So it is a good opportunity to kill 2 proverbial birds and write a blog post.

It's 11 AM right now and I have so far accomplished most of my errand list. I mailed a wedding RSVP. I went to my dermatologist appointment (clean bill of health and the doc said she does not need to see me for like 5 years...so I am doing something right). I deposited the gig money from the GUPPY EFFECT performance at RockFest this past Saturday and I dropped off some dry cleaning. After this oil change, I am going to get a few things at Piggly Wiggly and hopefully be done with all my errands and home by noon. Then I will put some laundry in, eat some lunch and spend the afternoon rehearsing country songs on bass, in anticipation of the Driveway Thriftdweller's band rehearsal tonight and subsequent gig at Summerfest on July 4th.

If there's time, I will practice some jazz piano too.


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