There is No Excuse to be Bored Because Everything is a Game

Today, I have some philosophical ramblings for how you can get into better physical shape. More abstractions than specifics, but there you go.

THE MAN annoys me. He doesn’t mean to. He isn’t even a real man. But he still annoys me.

My inner circle of work peeps wanted to have a nice outdoor patio lunch today, because the weather is superb.

THE MAN, as manifested through our boss, scheduled a dumbshit meeting for 1 PM, which means there is now a time boundary on our lunch team building activities.

That sucks.

However, we will still have a good 90 minutes of socializing before the boring meeting.

Tonight, the jazz group I play with is performing from 5 to 7 PM at the Come Back Inn, downtown Madison WI. We will be playing outside on the patio, which means I will get more outside weather enjoyment in spite of THE MAN’s foreshortening of our lunch break.

I am going to power walk to lunch, even though I have already exceeded my quota for physical activity for this week.

On Tuesday, I bike commuted the short route of about 25 miles, round trip. That counted toward two of the minimum three workouts of 45 minutes or more that I needed to get this week. It’s about 50 minutes or so each way.

On Thursday, I bike commuted the longer route of about 35 miles, round trip. Since the total time was almost three hours of biking, I should be within my rights to count that as four workouts. But I am only going to count it as three, since it wasn’t quite four.

So as of today, I have hit five workouts of 45 minutes or greater, of moderate physical exercise. If I power walk to lunch it will be probably less than 45 minutes, so I can’t technically count it. But I don’t need to, because I already hit my quota.

I think if more people looked at physical exercise as a game, they would get more exercise. My week starts on a Monday, and the sooner I can achieve my quota of three 45-minute workouts, I win. Three is the minimum, and I can stop counting after I hit the quota. But if I get more workouts in during the week, all the better for feeling good, losing weight, and staying healthy.


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