Time for a Much Needed Blog Post

June is flying by way too fast. Pretty soon my piano teacher is going to be back from his trip in Colorado and I am going to have a lesson. I need to have something to show for this. I have been doing some practice, but with all the other music stuff going on, it's tough to block out time for piano. But tonight I am going to practice a bunch of piano. I am hoping to keep at it for two hours, if I can stay awake that long.

You see, it's Wednesday. That means last night was Tuesday Jazz Night at the Mason Lounge and that means I was up far past my bed time laying down tasty funk jams for less than minimum wage. So I am very tired today. I didn't bike to work today, although I should have. This allowed me to eek out maybe another hour of sleep last night, but it was not enough. I was very disciplined though. I went right to bed when I got home from jazz, but with tearing down the gear, and loading it in the car, and dropping Charlie off at home after the gig, that wasn't until almost 2 AM. Then I awoke at 7. But then I reset the alarm for 8, deciding that I could still get to work on time if I was expedient about getting ready.

Monday night was kind of a late one too. I had Americana country band practice with the DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS and it went pretty late, then I was up mixing practice song demo recordings until almost midnight. I did bike to work on Tuesday, so I did get up extra early for that, at like 6 AM on Tuesday. Suffice to say, I am going to practice piano tonight, but I also want to get a decent night of sleep.

Foster has a vet appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. I think I am pretty much going to get up at 7 and take him right over to the vet. Then I will shower and get ready for work after we get back home. He might have to stay at the vet for a few hours, if they can't clip his nails without hurting him and need to put him under the juice. I'd actually prefer that. Then they can surgically cut the nails way back and cauterize the quicks. It sounds painful to think about, but he won't feel a think under the juice and he will be a much happier dog for a longer period of time, if we do that.

Well, believe it or not, I am still at work and that's only because I was trying to avoid rush hour traffic. But the rush hour period is in it's rapidly dying phase, so I am going to risk it.

I wish you all very much luck in the pursuit of your dreams and stay happy.


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