A Written Word Purist

When it comes to blog posting, I am a written word purist, and I plan to go on being one.

A lot of people do audio and video podcasts, but I feel like this is a sellout to the instant gratification society. I don't sell out to that.

My posts are for audiences who don't need instant gratification, just satisfaction with a written medium. I know this audience is small but it is also largely untapped because everyone else is going for the mass appeal of the instant gratification marketplace. Thus, I do not have to compete with them because my audience is specialized and mutually exclusive with the mass marketplace. My difficulty is finding my audience. They are out there but hard to reach.

You see, reading a post takes a greater investment of personal involvement. When you read something, you really cannot multitask like you can with audio and to a large extent video. When you read the written word, you have to monotask to do it. In short, you have to commit. Reading is a committed relationship with the medium. Other media are more polyamorous. You can be less committed to them.

So what I am basically saying is if you want to participate as a consumer of my medium, I demand a commitment and I do not allow for cheating and instant gratification. My readers know this and accept it, even though they are few. I would rather have a small dedicated core of fans than a huge mass of indifferent consumers. It is better for everyone.

The only exception to this is if someone, preferably someone you love, reads my post to you. That I will allow. For example, you might be driving and as I said, you cannot read my post and drive. That's multitasking. But if someone you love is in the passenger seat, they can read it to you. Everyone wins.


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