An Extra Day of Vacation

I had a whole week off from work in honor of the 4th of July. Actually, my employer mandated that employees all take three days (7/1 to 7/3) of PTO plus the two company holidays on 7/4 and 7/5. The company is failing economically and they have to cook their books by reducing the amount of employee PTO that counts as outstanding debt, according to the SEC, or some crap. Employees never get a fair shake in corporate America. Management makes sure that employees bear the brunt of their fiscal mismanagement whenever possible. You would think when management screws up a company's success, that management ought to bear the burden of responsibility. They don't though.

Anyway, I am off topic. I had the whole of last week off due to the PTO mandate and the July 4th holiday weekend. You would think that would be enough vacation, but I have to be honest. I am not yet ready to go back to work, so I am going to take an extra day of PTO. This is actually encouraged by management, who want us to use 10 days of PTO by the end of the year. I am doing what they asked, but not because they asked.

It's not even that I don't want to go back to the utter buffoons at my workplace just yet, although it was nice to be free of them for a whole week. It's really just to maximize my time up here at the cabin and minimize having to deal with idiotic holiday drivers on overly congested roads. If I drive early on Monday morning, I will avoid the insane Sunday traffic around the Wisconsin Dells area that is between the cabin and my house. I have found detours to avoid those morons who think the Wisconsin Dells is a good place to spend a holiday, but I prefer to travel the direct path, without hindrance. By driving home tomorrow, I avoid the hindrance. I also get to drive when it is daylight out. I don't mind night driving, but daylight driving is much better. If I leave here early enough, I will get home in time to spend the afternoon practicing for my piano lesson in the evening, which I think I am having. That will mean having to drive into town in the time frame of rush hour in Madison WI. But I will be going against the rush hour tide, so even though a lot of cars will be traveling toward me in the opposite direction, I should not encounter too many idiots en route to my lesson. Plus, I will mostly be driving through town, not on the beltline where the idiots are.


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