Barn Bash 2013 - A Retrospective

I had a super fun weekend with my Oshkosh pals hanging out and jamming at Barn Bash. It's technically in Van Dyne WI, but you drive straight south from OK on one road and it takes you right to it. I am totally going back next year, hopefully with my band HIATVS in tow. This is the perfect event for HIATVS.

My friend Blu, who I met at BB, said, after listening to my music and some descriptions of HIATVS' theatrical rock-n-roll, that I would be a big fan of the Madison band The Mustache. I have heard a lot about them, so I guess I will scope them out  soon.

I miss having a functional band that can go and play farm parties and house concerts whenever we want to.

Right now I am back at Todd and Sherry's after Barn Bash, and we are chilling. It's a lazy Sunday and I don't have anywhere I need to be urgently today. If I get back to Cambridge early enough, I am going to squeeze in a bike ride.


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