Beepy McBeeperson

As I was bike commuting in this morning, I had to pass a girl on her bike who was going slowly. As such, I had to veer slightly out of the bike lane into the road. Bikes are totally permitted to ride on the streets in Madison and can ride two abreast, even if it is not a passing situation.

The guy in the black Cadillac behind us apparently knew this. He floored it and sped past us both on the left, in the oncoming lane of traffic. This made no never mind, since there were no cars coming toward us.

I passed the girl and moved back into the bike lane in front of her. I thought no more of it. However, a few seconds later the black Cadillac came to a stop sign. A bicyclist was crossing the intersection in front of the car. For whatever reason, the driver of the black Cadillac decided to lay on his horn for this cyclist.

I can only think the driver of the car was a little bit put out by having to pass me and the girl on our bikes, even though we were in compliance with all traffic laws. The cyclist up ahead, who perhaps went zooming through the intersection without giving the Cadillac driver his or her due, must have pushed the driver over the cliff of annoyance or something.

Who knows? But Beepy McBeeperson is now that driver's nickname, henceforth.

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