Country and Americana

Yesterday, I had a marathon session of song learning in preparation for next Friday's DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS show in Minocqua WI. I am highly confident I will be prepared. Song learning is a great example of the 80/20 rule. With about 20% of my time and effort, I can get the songs to about 80% efficacy. That is still too biffy for live performing but it gets me through an initial band practice OK. Putting in another 20% of my time and effort, I can get upwards of 96% efficacy. That is 80% of the remaining 20% yield and would probably suffice for most shows. However, when it comes to rocking, especially for prestigious shows, I like to hit 99%+ efficacy. Yesterday's practice was my second round of 20% and I hit my 96% efficacy goal. Tonight, I will put in another 20% time and effort, which should have me fully prepped for DWTD band practice on Monday night. After that, any additional practice is gravy. But I will have Wednesday night to hone still further.

On Thursday night, we may have a dress rehearsal live at the Mason Lounge in Madison WI. I will be fully honed to rock arses off at that.


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