Favored by the Cosmos

My jazz piano teacher stopped by at jazz night at the Mason Lounge on Tuesday. That was fun. We did not have a ton of charts available for him, but we ran maybe 5 songs. It was pretty chill.

Today I am going to work on some book writing this afternoon. I have a couple of topics to explore. I think the book title will be “My Life Among the Cube Drones: How I Survived and Thrived in Soul Sucking Corporate America.” I came up with that during my 5k run/walk (mostly walk) this morning. It was bloody hot and humid, even at 8 AM.

I might drop the soul sucking part of the title to keep it positive. But I think corporate America does suck some people’s soul away. I work with a ton of lifeless and apathetic individuals, who I have to assume at one time were ambitious, motivated, and driven people who enjoyed their work. I mean, how else would they get hired in the first place? Over time, corporate ineptitude and middle management slowly sapped their will to live and they gave up. My book will help people avoid that fate.

I am uncertain why the cosmos is karmically rewarding me right now. I guess it is my positive outlook on life and how I am trying to be a better person in general. I have been trying to not be passive about injustice and douchebaggery anymore, and also be honest and “impeccable” in my speech, per the 4 Agreements.


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