Intellectual Property

This evening, after I got back from a bike ride around Shell Lake, I threw a few lines into the lake in front of my family's cabin. I only had a few minutes to fish before my parents and I headed over to my aunt and uncle's cabin for dinner. I must have done something right, because about half way out to the point, a spur of wooded land that creates a little cove of lake in front of our cabin, I hooked a 15.25 inch smallmouth bass on my fly rod using a popper.

14 inches is the minimum keepable size, so I kept and cleaned it. I will probably eat it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

The cabin is what I call my "intellectual property" because it is where I do a lot of writing and creating. I need to come up here a lot this summer to work on my book. I still have a goal to publish an e-book by the end of the year. Since it will be my first venture, I plan to use a pseudonym. That way I can practice the book writing and Kindle publishing without sullying my good name until I am good at it.

The book is called "Juice Your Life" and is basically a guide to a healthy work/life balance for corporate cube drones. One thing to never do in corporate work is join the golf league. You sell your soul when you do that. People who do it don't understand or even believe that. But trust me, there is a reason upper management lets people leave work early for golf under the guise of team building. You don't think they let people slack off work out of the kindness of their hearts do you? No, they are well aware that once a corporate cube drone golfs side by side with upper management, the drone is forever beholden to management.

If you really want to build team at work, find the good solid cool people and form an inner circle. Then strengthen that team and protect it from outside negative influences. That is the way to get ahead in corporate America. Watch the show "Workaholics" for an excellent example of a high functioning and successful inner circle.


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