Jazz Piano Night

I have a rare night off from any and all responsibilities.

Thus, I am going to use it to rock on some jazz piano practice.

I hope I have the energy. Last night was Tuesday night, so that means I was out late playing jazz bass at the Mason Lounge in Madison. I got less than optimal sleep in both depth and duration. So it is quite possible I will hit the wall and need to get an early night.

Tomorrow will be a fabulous day. Number one, my boss will be OOTO. It's not that I plan to slack off. I am too hard of a worker for that. But if I conquer my workload ahead of schedule, I might give myself a slight raise to compensate for the time saved to the company. After all, their metric is not how many hours I put in, but how much work I cranked out.

Hey, that would be a good blog post title for the JUICE YOUR LIFE site. I should write that up. OK, I just did. Slight suspension of this post while I did so. When I was up at the cabin last week, I did do some more writing on JUICE YOUR LIFE: What I Learned About Work/Life Balance While Living Amongst the Cube Drones.

I really wish I was better at piano. I am not sure how I can suck so badly as I do. I have been practicing pretty hard. But I am not giving up. One day, the skills will come to me. I have definitely improved, but I am sloppy and choppy.


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