My Love Hate Relationship With Running

I don't love running. I love finishing running. The runner's high is incredible after I finish the run. But during the run...it is pain. Bicycling has nothing on running as far as the way you feel afterwards. I feel OK after biking, but incredible after running. But I much prefer biking during the activity. It is much easier to do and it feels good to bike. It does not feel as good during the activity of running, only afterwards. In fact, running is a bit painful when I first start a run. I get into a decent groove only about half way through a run. With biking, I am in my groove almost immediately, but the down side of biking is it takes longer to get a decent workout (in part because of pi). A plus of running is the expediency of the workout. Start to finish in under an hour including changing clothes, cool down, and showering. Plus I feel totally euphoric and detoxified after running. After biking, I often feel a bit queasy to be honest, but at best I feel "pretty good." So I have been running more lately. Tomorrow morning, I am going running with my buddy Todd in Oshkosh begosh. Aiming for a 5k.



Anonymous said...

As someone who runs 3-4 times per week and bikes 1-2 times per week, I can totally relate to this! I choose running more frequently b/c of the way if makes me feel afterwards...whereas I enjoy bike riding more while I am doing it...just like you said! :)

Joseph Leonard said...

You rock Shara!