Running and Rocking, for Lack of a Better Title

This morning I went for another 3.5 mile run. I am going to go ahead and call it a 5k run, even though 5k is actually 3.2 miles. There are two reasons for this. One is that I am not even sure the GPS app on my Android phone, MAP MY RIDE, is all that accurate on the mileage, speed, pace, time, etc. I think it is pretty close, but I am going to be conservative and round down. Second, I have a warm up and cool down period at the beginning and end of my run, respectively, where I power walk to limber up. Since I am not technically running during that time, but still exercising, I again conservatively round down.

I find that the half way point of my run is my favorite. That’s because I know the run is half over, but I am also at the farthest point away from my starting point (I run out and back). So there is nothing for it but to finish the second half. Up until the halfway mark, there is always the option to bail out early and head home. I would never do that. But I could. So psychologically, the half way point is essentially the point of no return (even though it is literally the point of actual return back to my house…), where I am committed to the full run. So once I get to the halfway mark, I know it is “all downhill from there” (even though it is not downhill at all from there).

My route is not too extreme. There are some rolling inclines here and there, but no big hills. I might try mixing up my route tomorrow, by going a different way that involves a pretty big hill climb.

Anyway, I feel like 8 million bucks today, as I always do after a morning run because of the endorphin induced runner’s high, which seems to last the better part of the day and is additive, if I run over several days. I am feeling really good about band practice tonight with Driveway Thriftdwellers and the jazz show at Come Back Inn tomorrow with Charlie Painter and friends. I should be really focused and energized.

Last night I had a marathon bass practicing session at home, learning a bunch of Driveway Thriftdwellers songs for the gig I have with them on Friday August 2, at the Minocqua Brewing Company, up north. It’s going to be a fun road trip, I can tell. I got through probably 80% of the set list, strong on some, less so on others. That is good enough for practice tonight, but by our next practice, on Monday July 29th, I should be 95%, and that’s good enough for the gig. We will be joined on drums by Jon Storey, and excellent local drummer who is also the drummer for the other languishing cover band we are in with a guitarist named Phil. That group has been picking up speed, but it is slow going, because Phil is a busy man. We barely have more than a set of material in show worthy shape with that group and we have been together about three months now. So Jon is jonesing to gig, and I am glad he is playing with DWTD in a week or so. Jon and I are learning a full night of alt country Americana music for the show with DWTD. Just an observation.


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