The Society Improvement Society

I was inspired by a historical news story about Ben Franklin to start a secret society that meets in secret at pubs and discusses ways to improve and advance society. I want to call it the Society Improvement Society, or SIS for short. Members will be a select few intelligent individuals who feel a strong compulsion to solve the world's problems over beers. It will have to be a small group and secretive. If it gets too big, it may lose its focus and become just a social. It also has to select its members carefully. They need to be people with decent IQs who can carry on a rational conversation and have strong interest in adding value to society, irrespective of economic policy. SIS cannot let economic limitations get in the way of proper values. Where there is a will there is a way. SIS will be an "ideas" organization and that is all. There will be no incentive or motive to implement the ideas, only to present them. Other people can implement, or not. We don't care. Our mission is to be visionaries who will say, "If you want to add value to society and improve it for everyone, this is our proposal. Take it or leave it." The pessimist in me says that most policy makers will leave it, because they are idiots. But that does not mean our ideas aren't awesome and correct. It just means the policy makers lack the will and/or resources to launch (implement), and if we can expose the charlatans for who they are, that's a perk, although not a stated goal of SIS. Conversely, our work may allow visionary policy makers to succeed.

SIS will be a secret society, as I said. Members will be anonymous and the meeting places top secret. If non members discover the meeting place and go there to try to undermine SIS, the secret meeting will be tacitly canceled and just devolve into a drinking social. No one will really care about SIS though because we will just be an ideas organization with no will or resources to launch or implement society improvement projects of our own. That will all be someone else's department.

SIS' s only goal will be to put the ball in other peoples' court and see what they do with it.

Ben Franklin had a secret society for advancing "practical sciences." These were the sciences that made society better, as opposed to the aesthetic sciences. Interestingly, Franklin considered music a practical science because it uplifted people and improved their lives. He had several musical inventions, or so I understand.


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