This is How Friday is Going Down

I am going to Barn Bash up near Oshkosh this weekend. I am going to hang with some friends, get bitten by mosquitoes, drink some beer, camp out, and maybe even rock a few tunes on acoustic guitar around the campfire. That is the kind of good times I live for, and so should you. But I don't care if you do or don't, because you are in charge of your own life and that's alright by me.

So I need to be up in Oshkosh around 4 pm tomorrow, I think. That means THE MAN is going to have to do without my awesome and indispensable skills in the afternoon. Because I need to get on the road from Cambridge about 2 PM and that means leaving work around 1 PM. So what will probably happen is that I will just parlay my lunch break into a road trip to Oshkosh. Cool? Cool.

This actually works well, because I need to redeem a half day of vacation to combine it with a half day of vacation I took a couple of weeks ago. My company is so messed up that they haven't even figured out a way for employees to take fractional days of vacation. They say we can only redeem eight hour blocks. What? So backwards. This is the 21st century for chrissakes. The weird thing is, we accrue fractional amounts of vacation every fortnightly pay period. Every two weeks, our paycheck says we accrued 6.67 hours of vacation. That's just f-ed up. They give us fractional vacation but we can't redeem it fractionally. This is simple math people. Literally addition and subtraction. We are a biomedical device company, with like physicists and engineers and shit. Yet management can't add and subtract? OK.

So their solution is that we can either combine multiple fractions into an integer whole number of days of vacation or try to make up the lost time when we are in the office. I am not even sure what they are talking about when they say the latter. Do they mean work an extra hour the other four days of the week? Or do they mean just work harder and as long as the work gets done, have at it? The engineers we work with are always taking off mornings or afternoons for no apparent reason. I think they are bending the rules a bit, but whatever.

The point is, I am taking the afternoon off tomorrow to go to Oshkosh for a camping farm party. You only live once, I like to spell out.


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