Up at the Cabin in the Woods

I am up north at the cabin in the woods. I am not worried about a horror movie plot unfolding because there are no stereotypical characters here needed for that: a slut, a jock, a stoner, a virgin, and usually a fifth. I wouldn't mind it if those characters were here and certainly my family's cabin in the woods would be a great location to film a horror movie or maybe even a sci fi movie about alien visitors. But alas, it is just me and my dogs and my folks. We may encounter a black bear or two, but that would be actually pretty cool. There was a black bear mauling up here a couple weeks ago. But the victim was being an idiot and such incidents are quite rare. But you wouldn't want to surprise or corner a black bear, I can tell you that. They can climb trees but they would really have to have a good reason to follow you up a tree. At that point, escape is easy for them and you are clearly not a threat. Unless of course the bear's cubs are also up in said tree and she is trying to protect them.

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