Wednesday Afternoon in the Cosmos

So, I am sitting here at home, at my little computer desk, contemplating what I want to do musically tonight. It's a free night off from responsibility, so I can really gratify my own needs. I was thinking about maybe trying to record ROUNDHOUSE again, with a click track and then having a drummer come over and play a sweet real live drum part. Then it would be a real demo. When I just use drum loops, it's not very intense. This song needs to kind of kick you in the face, as the name suggests.

It looks like I picked a brutal week to achieve my fitness goal of five aerobic workouts this week (one each weekday). Heat wave. I hate exercising indoors when it is not winter. This morning when I left to run my 5k at 8 AM it was already 81 degrees, so hot and muggy that I had to power walk some sections of the run. I thus only averaged about a 12 minute mile. But I achieved it.

So, tomorrow, I am going to get up at 6 and see if I can beat the heat at all. The low will still be in the 70s, but at least the sun won't be as high in the sky at 6 AM as it is at 8 AM. This morning it was really blazing down on me and I was mostly getting too hot from the radiant heat. What I should do it wear my bathing togs to run, then run the 2.5 miles up to Lake Ripley Park and jump in the lake at the swimming hole. Except then I would have to run back with wet togs, and that might chafe. Plus, the mosquitos would be all over me.

On Monday I ran a 5k with Buddy. It was not as hot, but Buddy still didn't like it. He was giving me dirty looks for the next two days. He, at least, did get to jump in the lake along the way and I gave him a good hosing down when we got home. But he is like 13 years old now and a 3.2 mile run is just too much for him now. I would never take him out in this heat, except for a short walk. I would never take Foster out for a run either, not even in moderate heat. Boston terriers are notoriously heat sensitive. When I throw the tennis ball for Foster at the dog park, he gets overheated fast and has to lie in the cool shady grass. He might be OK on a 60 degree day, but I don't think I would push him to go 3.2 miles. On the other hand, he is small enough that if I needed to, I could pick him up and carry him.

Well, I had better go do something constructive and musical. There is so much I need to do, I am almost paralyzed at not knowing where to start. I need to practice jazz piano, learn new country songs, and learn new rock songs for B4 the Storm. I also want to, though it is not essential, practice some solo acoustic guitar songs, because I enjoyed performing those at Barn Bash, but I was rusty.

I want to once again thank the cosmos for all the recent good vibes and say MORE OF SAME!


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