Weekly Fitness Challenge Successfully Completed

My fitness goal this past week was to do an aerobic workout every day, either a bike commute (90 minutes minimum round trip) or a 5k run/walk.

Nailed it!

I ran 5k Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I bike commuted 24 miles on Tuesday (about 105 minutes of biking in total). I just got back from the final 5k power walk to round out the challenge. Today (Friday), I had to do my workout late in the day and it was bloody hot. That's why I walked instead of running. The bugs were terrible, but I made it with only one large welt on my arm where a deer fly got me.

I plan to tackle a similar goal next week. Hopefully, it is cooler.

It's gravy now that I have hit my goal, but if I have time tomorrow morning, I am going to bike ride up to Lake Mills for coffee. That's about a 90 minute round trip.

I am going up to Oshkosh at noon, because a bunch of friends are going to the Princess Bride at Time Theater on Saturday night. I have a dinner date before it too that I am quite looking forward to.

I really need to work on rock songs for band practice on Sunday. So I may not bike in the morning if I need to practice. We shall see. I am planning on an early night tonight, so I can read some books. I might be able to get up and beat the heat for a ride. But weather may also be an issue.

Like I said, mission accomplished, so now it's a choice.

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