A Rock-n-Roll Super Cell

At lunch time today, I will quietly slip away from work and make my way progressively toward Minocqua WI. Once there, I will join forces with other members of the band DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS and we will implement our well planned and honed conspiracy to rock the socks off the patrons at one Minocqua Brewing Company.

For those of you who don’t believe in conspiracy theories, we will prove you wrong. We have been planning this for some time, right under your noses, in plain sight. We appeared to be just another humdrum band rehearsing songs, then road tripping at our own expense to some far off place to perform a handful of generic cover songs to a disinterested crowd of local microbrew officianados.

But tonight, as the socks are being violently torn from the feet of these poor souls, you will know our true power and bow down before the might of alt country Americana. You have been warned.

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