I did not aerobicize today. That’s not a real word, but it means “aerobic exercise.” Like jazzercise is jazz and exercise. Jazzercise, though, is a real word, at least according to the MS-Outlook spellchecker wherein I am currently writing this post. Today, our boss is taking us out for sushi lunch, during which he will also shatter the stability of our professional world. More on that later on. Mum is the word for now. Suffice to say, we might be relegated back to working for douchebags again. This work environment is so unstable, with all the good talent leaving the company in droves because it sucks so badly here. I am just basically milking the ridiculous paycheck I was able to negotiate back in February 2013, when I almost left for a new job (probably should have).

Anyway, back to aerobicizing. As you know, if you have been following along, and I hope you have, I’ve been running a lot more the past three weeks. But just in the last week, all this intensive sport has started to irritate my right hip joint. It gets really sore after a run now. I am not sure why. I do know that it is short lasting, usually repairing itself within 24 hours, and that NSAIDs clear it up pretty fast, especially the prescription one my friend gave me the other day. I can also stretch away the aggravation to some extent as well.

But I am going to take it a little easier on the running. Instead of setting the goal to run EVERY weekday, consecutively, I am going to aim for three (3) runs a week, starting on Monday. I will try to space them out so that I don’t run back to back days. The difficulty may be on Thursday and Friday. I like to give myself Saturday and Sunday as free days from exercise, so my body can recover and I can also be a glutton. The latter is kind of irrelevant, but related. In addition to exercise on weekdays, I also try to adhere to my healthy diet, largely vegetarian. But I let myself go crazy on the weekends, because festive activities tend to happen on weekends more often than not, and I am often road tripping places, which makes adhering to my nutrition plan harder.

The point being, I may have to run back to back days on Thursday and Friday. This is why. I usually run on Monday mornings, though biking is sometimes an option, if I do not have my piano lesson on Monday evening after work (I could bike commute to my lesson, but I’d be sweaty). I usually bike commute on Tuesdays, because Tuesday night is jazz night. That means after work on Tuesday, I have to drive home to let the dogs out, before returning to Madison with music gear in the evening to jazz it up. Rather than make two full round trips to Madison on Tuesdays, I bike commute to work during the day (usually park on the east side of Madison and bike to my job on the west side). Then I drive in at night. This saves a little bit of gas. Wednesday mornings are rough, because I am usually up really late on Tuesday night playing jazz, but I usually am able to get in a run in the morning, and that helps to rejuvenate and restore me for the day. If I go to three days of running per week, I could skip Wednesday.

Thursdays, I would also normally run in the morning. I cannot bike commute on Thursdays in the summer because I have CSA pickup after work. If I do not run on Wednesday, I definitely need to run on Thursday. And to get my three runs for the week, if I am not doing Saturday or Sunday runs, I need to run on Friday morning too. However, I can also bike commute on Fridays, a lot of the time. Just not the ones when I have happy hour jazz at 5 pm. Because I can’t get there in time if I bike, and I can’t haul my music gear on my bike either.

Well, I will figure it out. I just wanted to let you know that if I seem to be dithering on the aerobics, it is not slacking off on my part. I am just re-organizing for optimal neuromuscular health (RE: the hip joint).


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