Almost Killed by Gramma and Grampa

Bike commuting in this morning, I was almost plowed over by a lead footed grampa and his terrified gramma wife, but for my hard wired suspicion of geriatric drivers. I was following all the traffic laws and waited my turn at the stop sign. After the car to my right went, I went. But the old folks must not have seen me or else they decided that bikes don't have any right to the road. I don't know. All I know is that I asserted my right, forcing gramps to slam on his brakes while gramma looked on in white faced, Depends-wetting terror. I won the battle, but probably not the war, because now grampa has a greater disdain for cyclists...not because I asserted my road rights, but because after he slammed on the brakes, I gave him a duly finger wagging. Old people hate it when youngsters get sassy with them.

I did the short bike commute today, largely due to tardiness. My boss at work is leaving for a new job, because our company now sucks so badly. This sucks for my small team of writers who report to him. They are going to backfill his position, but in the interim we will have to report to an incompetent middle manager. I asked if they will try to hire someone with documentation experience to replace my boss, since technical communications is under him, but incompetent middle manager said that would not be a focus, simultaneously minimizing the importance of quality documentation and illustrating his incompetence.

When I got to work, one of our negative nellie coworkers was griping about something in the lunch room. I had a momentary compulsion to know what would happen if the plastic fork I had in my hand were to get jammed violently into his eye, but I was able to quell that.

I am looking for jobs again, as insurance against the epidemic of imbecilism plaguing my workplace right now, especially after my boss leaves. But whatever, I have a paycheck.

I did a bit of work this morning and then took lunch. It will be a long lunch, so I can work on my book.


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