I went for a bike ride today at lunch. I had a plan, but it soon became an exploratory mission, because I was sidetracked by a new bike path that was built near work. I decided to take the new branch and it led me up a pretty steep incline, which was fun. But then it just came to an abrupt end in the parking lot of a public golf course. Totally lame. Plus, I hate golf, so that just added insult to injury.

I made my way back to my planned route, but have a taste already for pioneering, I explored a couple of other branches to the bike trail. I actually found a nice back way out to Airport Road, which goes from Middleton to Cross Plains, WI. After that, I took Airport Road west, which is a nice hilly route. I was looking forward to the aerobic challenge of the hills. It is just too bad there were so many SUV driving douchebags on the road. I can’t complain too much though. There is a decent should on Airport Road. There was one truck who was just a dick, driving right up to the line. I had plenty of room but that was still a dick move. It was two lanes and he could have gotten over or at least slowed down a little. But hey, those are the challenges that make biking fun.

I rode out as far as the hill from hell, just to get that little extra aerobic push over the cliff. That grade just sucks the life force right out of me. I was sweating balls and had to pathetically drop all the way down to uber granny gear for a couple minutes. But I made it, so whatever.

Tonight, my team from work is doing a team building at Capital Brewery. That should be fun. Tomorrow, our boss is taking us out for sushi, which is weird. We have a conspiracy theory that he is going to give us some news, along the lines of him leaving our company for a new job. That would kind of suck, because he is a decent boss, albeit kind of checked out most of the time. But he trusts us to do good work, and we like that. If he left, we would report to his boss in the interim and that guy is a total douchewad.

Tomorrow evening, Charlie Painter’s jazz group is doing a happy hour set at the Come Back Inn from 5 to 7 PM, and I will be on bass. We do that fairly regularly on Fridays. Well, that’s probably enough for now. Some coworkers are harshing our respective gigs.


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