I saw one verifiable perseid meteor (shooting star) tonight in about 10 minutes of sky gazing before I decided it was not worth the strain on my neck to be holding my head in that face-to-the-sky way, just to maybe see a fleeting streak of disintegrated comet entering the upper atmosphere. I may have seen another one earlier in the evening, but it was weak sauce and I cannot verify it was not my eyes playing tricks on me. I feel like the hype surrounding the current perseid meteor shower is overblown. Granted, maybe I was just looking at a bad time. Maybe later tonight, the sky will be veritably ablaze with the things. But my experience of it was lackluster at best. Nature is still very cool though. I am glad I saw the one. I think if you see one shooting star you have pretty much seen them all. On the other hand, a fireball would be awesome. That's usually a substantially larger chunk of material that burrows pretty far down into the atmosphere, before pretty much exploding from heat and speed.

I spent the full day up at the cabin today. I arrived yesterday, and I do not have to head home until tomorrow. I did not have to drive my car at all today. That was cool. I went for a run, a bike ride, and a swim. I guess that means I did a triathlon today, though not in any kind of competitive way. In fact, the swim was essentially a bath. I went into the lake after the bike ride just to clean myself off from exercise sweat and grime. I might have doggie paddled a little, but that's it. This particular lake is spring fed and does have Native American healing powers. The bike ride was a very flat one around the lake, to a coffee shoppe, where my family ate lunch and I consumed a lot of food. The run was legit, a 5k, and also justified aforementioned excessive food consumption. I eat pretty healthy up here at the cabin. It's also fairly low calorie, so it is hard to replenish nutrients lost during exercise without eating larger quantities.

Tomorrow, I have to head home about noon, so I can pick up Buddy at the kennel. On Tuesday, I will have to go back to work. I am not looking forward to it, because our cool boss might be leaving the company for a better job. I want him to leave for a better job. He should. Our company is hemorrhaging talent, because they suck at everything. But what this means is that my team will get a new boss, and the new boss will probably suck goat balls, just for the fact that he still works for this company. I am trying desperately to get out as soon as possible. But I need to find a better opportunity, and that takes time. That means my current employer has time to improve themselves and up their game, but they need to want to do so and they need to hurry.


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