Morning Aerobics is Key, for Me

I have determined there is no time other than first thing in the morning for aerobic exercise. Once the day gets going, the opportunities to accomplish this daily goal dwindle to nil. In the morning, there are no appointments to waylay you and no douchebags to annoy and interrupt you. The morning is wide open and free. I did not aerobically exercise this morning. My excuse, albeit weak, is that I had jazz night last night at the Mason Lounge in Madison WI. I did not get home until 1:30 AM and I decided to sleep in until 7:30 AM to maximize on sleep. That amounted to about 5.5 hours of sleep, which is tolerable. But getting up that late precluded me getting a morning run in, if I wanted to be at work anywhere close to on time (I didn’t really want to, and in fact I was 30 minutes late anyway, but there you go). This morning exercise rule works for me. It may not work for everyone. I have a coworker who runs at lunchtime, diligently like clockwork. He never goes out to lunch (eats at his desk) but goddammit, he gets his runs in. I have a bad habit of wanting to socialize at lunch, or eat. Anyway, my plan today was to power walk in the late afternoon. I am going to meet a friend for coffee about 4 PM and I was going to power walk to a nearby coffee shoppe to meet her. The walk takes about 25 minutes one way, so I was going to leave work about 3:30 for that. But as it turns out, I have to meet a guy downtown at 3 PM to pick up some gig money from a recent show. I might be able to make it back in time to power walk to meet my friend, but it is not entirely clear if I will. I hope so. I can probably push back the coffee meet by as much as 30 minutes, so I should be able to accomplish my goal. But to do a full power walk, I also need to walk back to work, which won’t be until later on in the evening. Sucks. I am just going to have to make morning workouts the norm, and if I cannot do one on Wednesday mornings because of jazz, then I will just have that be a rest day and not worry about it. Running tomorrow for sure.



Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I wake up every morning at 6 am to either run or bike ride (after feeding the cats, of course)! IMO, exercising on an empty stomach is best. On the rare occasions that I have exercised in the evening, my runs are much more difficult -- presumably b/c I am carrying around whatever food I ate during the day. Bike riding at night seems the same from a physical perspective, but in the evening, the roads are riddled with traffic, which can be stressful. Early morning exercise offers a calm, peaceful atmosphere in many ways. Especially from a mental perspective. That is, since my day has not begun, nobody has had the opportunity to piss me off yet! LOL ;)

Joseph Leonard said...

And I think you are also carrying around more stress too at the end of the day, as you allude to. The mind/body is like a finite cup and you can only fill it so high with stress, good or bad. But if you get good stress in the morning while the cup is empty, you increase the size of the cup for taking on more stress during the day. In that way it is "adaptogenic." It bolsters your mind and body constitution against the day's stressors. The herb rhodiola does this too, but not sure how it acts on the mind/body. http://bit.ly/13oa3DJ