Angst Immunity

There is so much angst and drama at work right now. None of it involves me and I am staying far away from it. I need only two things at work. The first is stuff to work on and the second is the time and resources to work on it.

Drama and angst subtract from my time. My time costs $30 per hour and I am not going to spend that on useless pursuits unless they want to pay me for the lost time. Actually, they do pay me for the lost time because I am salaried. But I would rather be doing useful work than dealing with drama and angst.

Still, drama and angst at work can be highly entertaining when it does not involve me. It is a fun diversion to observe from the outside. At 3:30 PM today, I get to attend a highly entertaining dramatic stage play at work, in the form of a meeting between many melodramatic actors. I can't wait, even though the meeting does constitute lost time from actual work. But wasteful meetings are totally compable against "giving myself a raise." I can't regain that lost time in any other way. So I can leave work as soon as the meeting is over. Yea!

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