The only thing I have going for me with global warming is an extreme love of heat.

When civilization crumbles due to global climate change, I am very likely to die from a lot of possible causes. These could include lack of food and water, violence, and maybe even extreme cold, which I am not very tolerant of.

But when it comes to heat, you can fugoff. I love heat. As long as I am hydrated and nourished, I can survive extreme heat for long periods of time.

On RAGBRAI 2012, I rode my bike over 110 miles in 110 degree temperatures. I was out on the open road for hours, baking and sweating balls.

I grant you that during the hottest part of that day, I sat in the shade in a park and drank lemon flavored beer (as well as lots of water to avoid dehydration).

But I survived and thrived. If the main challenge of surviving global warming is heat, which it won’t be, but if it is, I will be a rock star.

Yesterday and today I bike commuted to work. It was in the 90s yesterday afternoon when I rode back to my car from work. I just took it easy and plodded along. Today, it was my understanding that temperatures would be milder, in the 70s. But weather.com was wrong. It was in the 90s again. I don’t know when this heat is going to break, but I love it.

Also, I can ride my bike for really long distances. So when fossils fuels dry up and people can’t drive cars anymore, I will be tooling around from place to place on my bike(s) while most people gasp for breath at the slightest bit of physical exertion.

In October, I am going on a two week bike tour of Europe with my mom and pops. So I fully plan to ride my bike a lot this month (September) to train for it. I am guessing it will not be very warm in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria in mid-October, so I need to bring some warm clothes. But it should not be horribly cold either. The main thing is to keep moving.

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