In the past month, I have discovered two cool things about Cambridge WI that I should have known, but didn't.

One I just discovered this morning. There is a massive nature area just east of my house on Highway A. I am not sure why I have not seen this before, because I have ridden my bike past it many times, and that is exactly what I was doing this morning when I saw it, really saw it, for the first time.

The nature area has a big sign that says "Visitors Welcome." However, it is right next to a gun shooting range that has several signs that say "Members Only," "Private Property," "Trespassers Prosecuted," and "F#k You." OK, I made that last one up, but that is what those negative signs are all saying in one way or another.

The shooting range shares a parking lot with the nature area and so I guess the cognitive dissonance between the welcoming nature area sign and the angry and anti-social gun shooting range signs caused me to cancel both of them out, mentally.

But today, on my bike, I stopped in the parking lot to check it out. The nature area is actually north of the gun play area and has a lengthy mowed path. Later in the morning, I went back with my friend Sherry and we walked a bit of it. By the time we turned back, there was no sign of the path ending, so I think it goes for a ways.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to bike over to it in my running clothes and run the path, to see how long it is. It would be nice to do my runs there, free of the cars I encounter when I do my runs on the roads near my house. I just hope the gun maniacs keep to their antisocial enclave and do not endanger me while running. Because if they do, my fury will be unstoppable. I will beat on them like no one has ever been beat on before.

I don't have anything against guns, just people who use them irresponsibly or dangerously.

The second nature area, I discovered a couple weeks back when my friend Lisa was visiting. It's a series of single track mountain biking trails in CamRock Park on the south side of downtown Cambridge. I knew these trails were theoretically there, but I had not previously been able to find them. Lisa and I took a walk down a rails to trails footpath and that's when I saw the single track paths branching off into the woods at various points, marked by signs that gave the length and technical difficulty level of each trail.

I am going to explore those again soon too.

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