A Duffel Bag

Today, I am going to try to purchase a decent sized duffel bag for my trip to Europe next week.

It needs to contain some bike clothes and some regular clothes, as well as some various and sundry accessories.

It also needs to be TSA certified, because I simply cannot tolerate unnecessary issues with security at airports.

I bike commuted today, and did the Old Sauk Rd hill again, as I did yesterday. Still feeling really strong. It’s not a brutally steep or long hill, but it takes me to my cardiovascular and respiratory upper limit for a few minutes. It’s actually probably just a few seconds. But it feels like minutes.

I am hoping to bike commute tomorrow too, if I am not too wiped out from playing jazz late into the night tonight. Mother Nature is cooperating with me very nicely. It’s supposed to be another “perfect” day on Wednesday, mild and sunny. On Thursday, the weather goes completely to shite, and that’s OK, because I never bike commute on Thursdays.

We are doing a little team building social on Thursday, late afternoon, at the Free House in Middleton WI. At 3 PM, I am taking my coworker Alex to pick up my CSA vegetables. She is going to be picking up my box for me the 2 weeks I am in Europe, so I want to show her how it is done.

The only things left on my trip TO DO list are to basically pack. That’s a formidable task, though. Being October in eastern Europe, the weather could be dynamic. I will need warm and cool weather clothes, as well as wet and dry weather clothes. Since the ride is fully supported, I have the option to “ride in the van” if the weather is really inclement. But on trips like these, I tend to get a little bit competitive with myself and challenge myself to push the envelope.

I have never been to East Germany. I have never been to Czech Republic or Austria either, for that matter. But I am most curious to see the sights and hear the sounds of East Germany. I won’t have any cell phone service over there, but I should be able to find Wi-Fi sometimes, so I will try to document as much as I can in pics and videos and upload massively to the Internets when I have good access. I will try to post a few blog entries too, but no guarantees.

If I do, though, they will appear on this blog. So SUBSCRIBE and follow along if you want. You will either see some blog posts or you won’t. But if you don’t, you will be none the wiser. And if you do, you will be a little bit wiser, learning a little bit about eastern Europe as filtered through my commentary.

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